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I bought the Brass Horse Cafe in April of 2012. I loved the location and I live in Barkhamsted so I wanted to make it a place where the local community would be comfortable. I put in a Kitchen in Nov of 2012. I wanted home made hearty food. Not fancy but good home cooking that you would make at home if you just had the time!. We are a small kitchen. Our food is fantastic.  Everything is homemade. Even our tortilla chips are home made. That means each order is made fresh. It also means that it will take a little time to prepare and cook for you. I know you will think it was worth the wait!  We started bands on Sunday afternoons from 3 PM to 7 PM so that we could have a fun afternoon and still be home to be in bed in time for work on Monday. We do lots of benefits because that's just the right thing to do. We have Art classes and game nights. Karaoke on Fridays. Over the last few years The Brass Horse has become a good clean place to come and sit by the fireplace or in warm weather on the patio and have a nice meal while listening to great music. I am so proud of the Road House that we are now. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the good people who make the Brass Horse the place it is today.

 We are so proud that Fox 61 chose us to do us in Foodie Friday!  Here is the link



Brass Horse Cafe  87 New Hartford road, Barkhamsted CT 06063

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